Fast, Faster, Fastest


The contemporary world is moving at a turbo speed. Space is limited. Overpopulation. Overconsumption. Overbalance. Time is scarce for the designer who aims to help design a functional yet beautiful future, improving and creating solutions. Clocks accelerate. Conventions in society move rapidly. Progression falls through form, through folding, stiffening and manipulating matter. Materialising through photography, blurring, zooming and shaping images. There is a keen focus on tactility and 3D sculpting. Texture reacts and the 2D designs progress. The continual movement in society is captured specifically from music and product design. Contemporary Art continuously inspires which stirs reflection and then change in 3D. The magnetic field is lit. Attract. Repel. Attract. Repel.

Videography captures and documents the design process from 2D to 3D a type of stop motion is clear. Movement is formed through binding and bonding raw edge materials. An excitement is felt when creating personal and specific creations, so a lengthy experimentation process is vital. Male or female, both forms and styles inspire, traditional yet modern. Shape. Origination rewrites with stimulation from performance art and art silhouettes. Filaments combine. Filaments detract. Analysing the world around to translate into my work. The designs show lines assembling in a curved shape, meshed with a straight-line form. What a minimal style. Format of the curves create an asymmetric hang, with the designs always clean and intelligent. Block colouring, black to white to a vibrant colour. Metal to cloth, magnets to fasten with. We print.

Movements trending in the crowds, I watch. FADS. Choosing to ignore, due to a recent frustration with unexciting conventions. We repeat. The equilibrium between meaning and death shall be tracked, drawing ideas and approaches from every area of life. The research and development stage is extremely loved due to the freshness and excitement of reinventing new ideas. Innovation and originality are the key objectives throughout my pieces of work. Although there is still a sense of realism, to produce practical pieces with a purpose, yet combined with an elegantly carved line.
Woven to bonded. Organic shapes to structure. Supple to matt. Cut With a sharp intensity through stiff spurts of structure.

The Designer. She. It. Her. Phoebe Kowalska